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In this section, you can find material related not only to cannabis for medicinal use, but also material about other medicinal plants, as well as recommendations that can help you maintain optimal health and well-being in a sustainable way.


In alliance with the Peruvian Society of Neurology and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians we organized a course called ‘Introduction to the Use of Cannabis in Neurology’

Together, we managed to gather a staff of national and international experts who presented us with various topics, as well as their experience using cannabis.

Friday, November 28

This webinar sought to systematically interact with the public. It focused mainly on explaining how the cannabis dosage should be managed and various clinical cases were presented. In addition, Dr. Mariano García de Palau, Dr. Estefanía Alfaro and Dr. Max Alzamora accompanied us.

Friday, October 31

This webinar was about compounding formulas and their importance in cannabinoid medicine. As speakers, we had the experts Fernando Sepúlveda and Pedro Wong.

Friday, September 25

In this webinar, Dr. Estefanía Alfaro and Dr. Paula Dall’Stella explained what the Endocannabinoid System is, why it is important and how it can be affected by our lifestyle.

Friday, August 28

In this webinar, Dr. Celeste Romero and Dr. Juan Lock gave us an interesting talk about the potential of the use of cannabis in psychiatry.

Friday, July 31

This time we were accompanied by Dr. Santiago Acosta Acosta from Colombia and Dr. Ana Lucia Preciado from Peru, who spoke to us about the use of cannabis in veterinary medicine.

Friday, July 3

On this occasion, Dr. Luis Suárez Rodrígues from Mexico and our Medical Director, Max Alzamora, accompanied us to talk about the use of cannabis from a comprehensive approach.

Friday, June 5

Our first online conference via Zoom conducted by leading doctors in the field for health professionals interested in the medicinal use of Cannabis.

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